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Stefano Rocco started playing classical guitar at the age of 7 and soon after he began performing in the local area of his

hometown Monfalcone.

In his teens, he started playing electric guitar in the styles of rock, blues, and fusion, showing a great interest for improvisation, which later led him to study jazz.

​After his move to London in 2009, he started playing as a sideman for different singers and bands both in-studio and live, this experience allowed him to explore the London music scene and meet new musicians who were relevant influences.

In 2011, he began the Jazz Bachelor Degree at Middlesex University, London studying with Stuart Hall, Carl Orr, Nikki Iles, Chris Batchelor, Rob Townsend, and many other renowned jazz educators.

​In 2014, after graduating with BA Jazz (Hons) he relocated to Sydney, where he quickly started performing and teaching guitar.

After meeting pianist Pablo Puentes and double bassist Muhamed Mehmedbasic, they formed Syd’ Side Trio and started playing in venues around Sydney.

This led to a weekly residency in one of the venues, since 2018 Stefano continues hosting this weekly jazz event in Surry Hills, having the opportunity to play with some of Sydney’s most talented jazz musicians.

Stefano has been focusing consistently on writing his compositions; in August 2019 he and his quartet recorded his debut album “A NEW NIGHT, A NEW DAY”. The quartet features Muhamed Mehmedbasic on double bass, Nick Southcott on piano and Ed Rodrigues on drums.

Stefano is also a passionate guitar teacher and has gained significant experience teaching one-on-one, groups, and ensembles in primary and high schools across Sydney.

Album Cover.png

"A New Night, A New Day" is the first studio album by Stefano Rocco Quartet, it was released in January 2020. The album narrates a story in seven episodes, chronologically unfolding over the lapse of 24 hours. Each song represents a place, a time and a mood felt by an unknown character at the centre of the story.

Guitar and compositions: Stefano Rocco
Drums: Ed Rodrigues
Bass: Muhamed Mehmedbasic
Piano: Nick Southcott



 " was also a time when art and music gave us the ray of light, and the sense of connection, that we mostly needed. Stefano’s music did just that; his album A New Night, A New Day is a perfect demonstration of his humanistic approach to jazz, creating soothing and heartwarming soundscapes..."

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"Guitarist Stefano Rocco delivers a sparkling gem of an album sure to garnish critical acclaim." 

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"...delivered in a cunning and uniquely collective fashion taking the listener on a journey through different moods and places"(Read full article)

BARRY O'SULLIVAN - Jazzandbeyond

"Jazzy storytelling!"




Saturday 24 June, with Bonnie J Jensen,

Foundry 616, Sydney, NSW

Saturday 13 May, with Helen Fenton,

Foundry 616, Sydney, NSW, buy tickets

Saturday 11 March, with Helen Fenton,

Miss Celies, Ashfield, NSW

Wednesday 18 January, Stefano Rocco Quartet

The Brunswick Green, Melbourne, VIC  buy tickets

Tuesday 17 January, Stefano Rocco Quartet

Smith's Alternative, Canberra, ACT   buy tickets


Saturday 22 January 2022, Stefano Rocco Quartet

DOWNSTAIRS Avalon,18 Katoomba St, Katoomba, New South Wales 2780.    buy tickets


Thursday, 3 February 2022, Stefano Rocco Quartet

BUTCHERS BREW BAR, Dulwich Hill NSW 2203.    buy tickets



6th Feb, Foundry 616, Sydney, AUS.       buy tickets 



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